Sacramento Falling Merchandise Injury Attorney

If you or someone you love has been struck by falling merchandise, talk to a Sacramento premises liability lawyer that is experienced in these matters. Big stores have clever attorneys who will ignore your claim unless you come with an assertive attorney who has been in this kind of battle before.

We will file a lawsuit to compensate you for lost wages, medical expenses, and for the misery and pain this injury has caused you.

Merchandise Storage Has Changed

Years ago, stores did not stack shelves 20 feet high. The worst that could happen was a can of soup falling on your foot. In today’s superstores, however, designed to keep the maximum amount of merchandise on the sales floor, bad things happen. Shelves collapse from the tons of weight they bear. Or merchandise stacked overhead decides to fall just when you are standing below.

It’s no joke when you are struck by a skid of any kind of product, even pillows. The sheer mass of the merchandise and the distance it must fall can break your back, seriously damage your brain, or even kill you.

Falling merchandise injuries occur in any warehouse-type store or place of business. This includes grocery stores, discount stores, and auto parts stores — wherever merchandise is stacked to the sky. Property owners or business owners may be responsible for injuries from falling objects.

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