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Californians enjoy the outdoors, especially fun on the water, but with the rise in popularity of Jet Skis and other personal watercraft in recent years, boating accidents are becoming more common. Whether an injury involved sailing, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, Jet Skiing, fishing, wakeboarding or simply driving a motorboat, it is important for local victims to consider seeking compensation from a Sacramento boating accident lawyer after an avoidable collision.

From yachts to rowboats to personal watercraft, the legal team at Rosenthal Law know that Californians love being on the water. With more and more people enjoying them, our waterways, lakes, rivers and other recreation destinations have become crowded and more dangerous to navigate. We help victims of boating accidents seek damages from those who are responsible. Our firm has been serving residents of Northern California for more than two decades.

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Waterway Rules and Regulations

Just like driving has special rules of the road, waterways have their own rules and regulations that must be followed. Our firm has handled many of these cases, and our Sacramento personal injury attorneys know how to establish fault by proving negligence or carelessness. Our lawyers have successfully represented clients after:

Boating accidents occur for many reasons, from boating while intoxicated to the illegal or unsupervised operation of a watercraft by a minor. Our Sacramento boating accident lawyers will be sure to investigate the boating-related accident thoroughly so the proper parties are held accountable. For example, as in other vehicle accidents, it is possible for a boating accident to be caused by a manufacturer’s defect or improper repair.

A skilled Sacramento boating accident lawyer at Rosenthal Law will explore every possible scenario, so clients can be confident that if there are issues with liability or insurance coverage, our firm finds the answer. In some cases, there may be multiple avenues for compensation, and our attorneys will pursue them all to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive claim.

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