Sacramento Intersection Accident Attorney

There is a reason freeways don’t have intersections. It’s because they are inherently dangerous. Cars heading right at each other, many of them needing to make a turn — intersections are scary places.

At Rosenthal Law, our Sacramento intersection accident lawyers represent people who are hurt in motor vehicle accidents of all types. Our clients include drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians who are struck down in these violent crashes.

What Do We Know About Intersection Crashes?

  • Many intersection accidents involve more than two vehicles.
  • Injuries tend to be very serious.
  • Crash danger is worse in cities than outside cities.
  • Crash danger increases as the number of lanes increases.
  • Crash danger increases as traffic increases.
  • Alcohol often plays a role in the injury.

Study: University of Kentucky

Injuries in intersection accidents range from minor to severe, and sometimes even fatal. Our goals as your Sacramento auto accident lawyer are to show that another party was negligent and to show the true costs of your injuries, in medical bills, lost pay, and the pain and misery your injuries have caused you.

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