Car accident causes 3 deaths, multiple injuries in California

Car Accidents,medical expenses,Our Blog,personal injury | January 14, 2014

A fatal accident can easily turn what was intended to be a leisurely car ride into a tragic and fatal wreck that also causes grief for surviving family members. If the driver of a vehicle becomes distracted behind the wheel or fails to obey a traffic law or the rules of the road, this can be a devastating mistake that costs the passengers in the vehicle and/or others nearby their lives. Even if a passenger in California doesn’t survive such a car accident, he or she could still suffer injuries and emotional distress.

In one recent incident in California, three individuals were killed in a motor vehicle collision on Interstate 805. The accident occurred when a sport utility vehicle left the road and moved swiftly across an embankment. Police said the vehicle rolled multiple times.

Four of the men in the automobile were ejected, according to authorities. The accident also caused three other vehicles in the vicinity to crash, and two people suffered injuries as a result. The driver of the SUV, who suffered injuries, was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Another passenger in his vehicle also suffered injuries.

The SUV driver may end up facing criminal charges with regard to the car accident, but he also may be confronted with legal problems in the form of civil lawsuits. This is because the family members of the deceased passengers may opt to file wrongful death claims against him, seeking monetary damages that could help to cover funeral costs, medical expenses and other financial losses tied to the accident. The injured victims may also elect to file personal injury suits against him. If he is found to have violated drunken driving laws or to have acted negligently in some other manner, he may be held financially liable for the injuries and deaths caused by the single-vehicle crash in California.

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