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How Insurance Companies Devalue or Deny Valid Dog Bite Claims

Dog Bites & Injuries | July 10, 2023

When individuals sustain dog bite injuries, they are often able to recover compensation from the dog’s owner. California is what is known as a “strict liability” state concerning dog bites, which means the injured individual does not have to prove that the dog’s owner was negligent in any way before receiving compensation. However, insurance carriers…

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California Leash Law

Dog Bites & Injuries | November 9, 2021

Every day, someone suffers catastrophic injuries in a dog attack. Dogs running loose or at large contribute to many of these severe and sometimes deadly incidents. In California, it is every pet owner’s legal responsibility to obey leash laws in public places. Otherwise, the dog owner could be responsible and held liable for what his…

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Dangerous Dog Breeds

Dog Bites & Injuries | February 10, 2021

Dogs are arguably the most popular pet in the United States. However, dog bites are incredibly common in this country. Data available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that approximately 800,000 people seek medical care each year due to dog bites in this country. Most people have an idea of what…

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Is Euthanasia Required After A Dog Bite In California?

Dog Bites & Injuries | February 5, 2021

Dog bite incidents are taken seriously in the state of California. Dogs have powerful jaws, and they can inflict severe injuries on victims. California has various laws that revolve around what happens after a dog bite. These laws include strict liability applied to the dog’s owner when it comes to paying compensation for injuries as…

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Rabies stalks Northern California

Dog Bites & Injuries | December 5, 2016

Many people have the sense afoot that rabies is a thing of the past, a storybook disease like smallpox or leprosy. But as a recent case from Calaveras County shows, rabies is alive and well in our region, and people need to take it very seriously. In the month of November alone, seven persons had…

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Can a dog be a criminal?

Dog Bites & Injuries | September 3, 2016

An elderly Coalinga woman was attacked last month by a pit bull. It was an ugly attack, in which the dog bit several of her fingers off, and also caused tearing injuries to her arms. After the attack, the dog returned to the scene and had to destroyed by police. In the wake of that…

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The costs of a dog bite

Dog Bites & Injuries,Our Blog | May 25, 2016

May 15 was the start of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which aims to teach dog owners how to keep them from biting. It is sponsored by the U.S Postal Service, insurance companies and animal enthusiasts themselves. While dog owners may think that their insurance will cover the bill, some in California could be charged…

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Hand injury due to cat bites

Dog Bites & Injuries,Our Blog | September 8, 2015

As some California pet owners may know, animal bites account for about 2 percent of emergency room visits in U.S. hospitals. While most of the animal bites are from dogs, 10 to 15 percent are cat bites. According to information from the Mayo Clinic, cat bites are serious and hospitalization may be required. When a…

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