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What are the Long-Term Effects of a Concussion?

Brain Injuries | September 27, 2023

Concussions are caused by individuals sustaining a bump or blow to the head or body, and they are considered mild traumatic brain injuries. Most individuals make full recoveries from a concussion after a week or two of rest, but there are times when long-term symptoms occur. Here, our Sacramento brain injury attorneys want to discuss…

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How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

Brain Injuries,Motorcycle Accidents | January 27, 2021

Motorcycle helmets save lives. There is little room for debate on this topic. The bottom line is that every motorcyclist in California should wear a helmet when they are on the roadway. Not only is this the law, but this will also prevent motorcycle drivers and passengers from sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury, an…

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What to Expect After Suffering a TBI

Brain Injuries | November 23, 2020

If you or somebody you care about has sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI), then you need to know what to expect. Traumatic brain injuries range in severity and can lead to significant short- and long-term disabilities. It is not uncommon for brain injury victims to sustain significant monetary losses due to medical expenses and…

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What’s a secondary brain injury?

Brain Injuries,Our Blog | August 14, 2018

One thing victims of motorcycle accidents already know is that there is a risk of brain injury if they hit their heads. With these injuries come many symptoms and side effects. That’s not the only problem, though. After the initial brain injury, there is a potential for secondary brain injury. These injuries are a result…

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What is locked-in syndrome?

Brain Injuries,Our Blog | July 4, 2018

After some forms of brain injuries, there is a risk of locked-in syndrome (LIS). This syndrome is one that is not well understood, and it is very rare. However, people do suffer from it and should have a right to be cared for despite their inability to communicate in traditional ways. Families who have a…

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Treatment options for brain injuries

Brain Injuries,Our Blog | June 14, 2018

There is one certain thing about treatment options for brain injuries: They’re expensive. If you’ve suffered a serious accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury (TBI), for example, you’re liable to spend tens of thousands of dollars for various medications, treatments, rehabilitation and therapies. In some cases, however, these treatment options will work to…

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Children’s brain injuries: Prevention is key

Brain Injuries,Our Blog | June 12, 2018

A child should never have to deal with a serious injury, but all too often, one will. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen in a number of ways, from developing after a car crash to happening when a child falls on the playground. Children riding with their parents on a motorcycle or those hit while…

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How is functioning impacted by a brain injury?

Brain Injuries,Our Blog | May 22, 2018

A brain injury impacts everyone differently, but for those with a significant injury, it could mean speech impairment, difficulty walking or other significant impacts on functioning. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) doesn’t render those body parts useless. However, it can interfere with how the brain works and recognizes to use those body parts. For example,…

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