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Who Is Liable In a Taxi Accident?

Car Accidents,Motor Vehicle Accidents | September 29, 2023

When you schedule a taxi ride to get to your destination, the last thing you expect is an accident to occur. However, just like any other vehicle on the roadway, accidents involving taxis do occur. Determining liability after a taxi accident in California can be challenging. Here, our Sacramento auto accident attorneys want to discuss…

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How to File a Police Report in Sacramento

Car Accidents,Motor Vehicle Accidents | April 22, 2019

Anyone who suffers victimization from a crime or who witnesses criminal activity should make every effort to report the incident to the police as soon as possible. Filing a police report as soon as possible not only helps ensure the reporter’s memory of the incident is as fresh as possible but also helps an official…

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How effective are seat belts really?

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | September 6, 2018

If you ever feel tempted to doubt the potentially life-saving benefits of seat belts – don’t. Failing to wear a seat belt in a motor vehicle could be one of the worst decisions you ever make. In fact, millions of Americans are suffering from life-altering injuries, or they have died, as a direct result of…

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Would you risk using an autonomous vehicle?

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | August 16, 2018

The “idea” of fully autonomous vehicles is very popular right now. Consumers are being bombarded with articles about the latest driverless vehicles and autonomous delivery trucks to hit the roads for testing. However, the “reality” of a fully autonomous car has yet to be realized. In fact, this nascent technology will not be safe for…

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New vehicle safety features that could save your life

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | August 9, 2018

The automotive industry is always rolling out new safety features to prevent accidents and injuries on the road. For this reason, many automotive safety experts argue that it’s in the best interest of all motorists to drive the newest car possible. Newer vehicles are more likely to include the latest life-saving safety technology. If you’re…

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Stop at red lights or face the consequences

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | August 2, 2018

Have you noticed that more drivers than ever are not respecting common traffic laws these days? Perhaps people don’t mean to break the law. They’re just too distracted by their cellphones to pay attention to the traffic around them. Or, they’re in such a hurry to get where they’re going that they push the speed…

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