Truck accident leads to many injuries and 1 death

truck accidents | July 17, 2014

A vehicle crash involving a semi-truck can be particularly dangerous on California’s highways. This is because a semi is so huge and can easily damage nearby vehicles on the roadway, thus potentially causing serious or even fatal injuries. One fatal truck accident involving a semi and multiple vehicles recently took place in our state. The…

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California coaster hits tree branch, derails

Injuries to Children,Our Blog | July 8, 2014

Visiting one of California’s amusement parks is the highlight of the summer for many young people. However, the fun times can quickly come to a screeching halt when unsafe rides put park-goers in danger. Unfortunately, that appears to be what happened on Monday at the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park in Santa Clarita. According…

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Chrysler slow to fix recalled Jeeps

Car Accidents,Our Blog | July 7, 2014

Last summer, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked the automaker Chrysler to recall 2.7 million Jeeps over concerns that the vehicles were involved in many fires after rear-end crashes. In a rare response to a request from the nation’s auto safety agency, Chrysler refused. Instead, the automaker published a paper showing data suggesting that…

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Why hire a personal injury lawyer? (2 of 2)

personal injury | July 4, 2014

Welcome back. In our last post, we began discussing why it’s important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer after being injured in a car accident with a negligent driver. As we said, the other driver’s insurance company — and maybe even your own insurance company — might try to lead you to believe that…

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