Placer County bus accident leaves 2 children hurt

Injuries to Children,Our Blog | August 23, 2014

There is no question that school buses play an important role in transporting children throughout Placer County, California. Unfortunately, as is the case with any other motor vehicle on the road, there is the possibility that a school bus could be involved in a collision with another automobile. This was the case earlier this month…

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Car accident causes 1 death, 1 injury in California

Car Accidents | August 21, 2014

When people suffer injuries in accidents, they may face a wide range of problems. Victims of car accidents might struggle to overcome their physical injuries, for instance, and they might also be forced to quit working for a time while they heal. Monetary relief, which can be awarded in appropriate circumstances, may help these individuals…

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Important dog bite facts Californians should know

Dog Bites & Injuries,Our Blog | August 17, 2014

Dogs. Often considered to be man’s best friend, these muscular, four-legged animals can quickly turn into man’s worst nightmare given the right — or wrong — circumstances. While a number of breeds are considered more aggressive or dangerous than others — pit bulls and rottweilers taking the top two slots — any breed of dog…

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Traffic safety advocates challenge FedEx business model

Our Blog,truck accidents | August 10, 2014

FedEx is a business. There is no question about that. It’s logo is well-known; its services are largely appreciated here in Roseville, other areas in California and beyond. A business, especially one that employs drivers and puts large trucks on the road, must put safety before success. There are some who have faced tragedy who…

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