Car accident allegedly involving mayor leads to teens’ injuries

Car Accidents,compensation,Our Blog | October 24, 2014

It can be difficult to learn that a loved one has been seriously injured in a tragic car accident in California. The victims themselves may be further upset if they learn that the car accident resulted from another party’s decision to drink and drive. Even though monetary compensation can’t take away the physical and emotional pain caused by this kind of accident, it may help the victims to feel that a sense of justice has been achieved in their situation.

Several teenage girls were recently injured in a car accident after police said a mayor in California, of Murrieta, drank alcohol and apparently decided to drive. The incident took place on a recent Thursday night. It happened following a pep rally, according to authorities.

The mayor allegedly rear-ended the cheerleaders. Four of the girls suffered major or moderate injuries, according to authorities. One girl’s neck was broken as a result of the crash, police said.

The family members of the teen girls may seek to hold the mayor liable for the victims’ injuries. If the man is found guilty of drinking and driving and ends up being convicted, the girls’ family members may decide to sue him and use evidence of his conviction to try to establish his liability in civil court. Only if a judge finds that the man is financially responsible for the girls’ injuries will the court determine monetary damage claims in the plaintiffs’ favor. Awarded damages can help to cover the victims’ hospital bills and other losses tied to the California car accident.

Source: New York Daily News, “California mayor charged with DUI after crashing into cheerleaders“, Doyle Murphy, Oct. 18, 2014