What to do after an accident with a commercial vehicle

Our Blog,truck accidents | October 21, 2014

Delivery trucks owned by the likes of UPS and FedEx have become a very common sight on roads in the Sacramento area. While this is a good sign for the economy, it also adds an element of danger for the public. That’s because commercial drivers can easily put other drivers at risk if they are not careful.

After being involved in an accident with a delivery truck, it’s important to take the proper steps so that you can be fairly compensated for your injuries. Although delivery trucks are not as heavy or powerful as semi-trucks they can still do plenty of damage in a collision with a passenger vehicle.

Accidents involving delivery trucks often result in serious injuries to the drivers of passenger vehicles and their passengers. The injuries can require extensive medical treatment and sometimes permanent pain or disfigurement.

What’s worse is that the insurance companies that represent the delivery companies and their drivers often deny claims and offer settlements that are grossly undervalued. Even a driver’s insurance provider has its own interests in mind, which is how they make a profit.

For these reasons, it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer after a serious accident involving a delivery truck. Effective legal representation means that your rights will be protected and you will find out how much your claim is actually worth.

Many commercial vehicle accidents are caused by delivery truck drivers who fail to see passenger cars while turning or changing lanes. Distracted driving and the overloading of cargo can also be to blame.