2 crashes in California take 10 lives

Car Accidents | October 17, 2014


A pair of crashes in California left a staggering 10 people dead in their wake. In one of the accidents, four young people who passed away had all just graduated together, as they were classmates in high school. Police are now investigating to see what caused both fiery wrecks to occur.

One of the crashes involved a driver who was unlicensed, despite being 16 years old. The driver alone survived the crash, but five others were not so fortunate. The accident happened out on Interstate 5, and the car apparently slammed into a guardrail before leaving the roadway, flipping over and burning.

The police investigation has already determined that speed may have been part of the equation, judging by the skid marks that the car left behind. However, the police are also going to examine the vehicle — it was a BMW built in 1995 — to see if there may have been a mechanical breakdown.

The other crash involved three different cars, and it also took five lives. Multiple vehicles caught on fire after the wreck. One lone driver in a sedan was killed, and the four classmates who passed away were all together in a pickup truck. In this crash, as well, one driver — behind the wheel of a Honda Civic — did survive.

After the loss of a loved one in a car accident, the family members need to make sure that they look into their own rights. It may turn out that they have a right to compensation for various costs, such as the medical bills, funeral costs and other damages and losses.

Source: Sacramento Bee, “Police probe crashes that killed 10 in California” Oct. 05, 2014