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Getting a Rental Car After a Collision

Car Accidents | August 31, 2020

Getting into an accident is something no one wants to experience. Unfortunately, vehicle accidents are not uncommon throughout California. Vehicle accidents are responsible for many injuries throughout the state each year, and they are also responsible for significant property damage. In many cases, accident victims must rely on rental vehicles after a crash so that…

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What to do When an at Fault Driver’s Insurance Won’t Pay

Car Accidents | August 24, 2020

Getting into a car accident can be an incredibly stressful experience for those involved. This is particularly true when you end up dealing with aggressive insurance carriers who do not want to pay out a claim. If you have been in an accident caused by the careless or negligent actions of another driver, you should…

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California Diminished Value Claims

Car Accidents,compensation | August 17, 2020

Vehicle accidents can lead to tremendous expenses for victims. Not only will a vehicle accident victim incur medical expenses if they are injured, but they can also incur tremendous property damage expenses. Even if the insurance carrier of an at-fault party pays for the repairs of the vehicle, the owner will still experience a diminished…

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Parking Lot Accidents

Car Accidents | August 10, 2020

No one wants to get into an accident, particularly one that occurs in a parking lot. Unfortunately, parking lot accidents are not uncommon. That should not come as a surprise to anybody, as these are areas where there are plenty of vehicles gathered together, many of which or traveling in different directions. Drivers must also…

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Lost Wages After a Car Accident

Car Accidents | August 3, 2020

Car accidents can significantly affect a person’s life. Not only are victims often left dealing with the pain and suffering of their injuries, but also other hidden costs of the crash. Among these hidden costs are lost wages. Whether a vehicle accident results in only minor injuries more severe injuries, a victim may be forced…

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California Mirror Laws

Car Accidents | July 15, 2020

Updated 4/9/2024 When you are operating a vehicle on the roadways of California, it is vital that your be in good operating condition. We have all seen vehicles on the roadway that probably should not be there due to various safety violations. Maybe the exhaust is dangling precariously close to the roadway. Perhaps a person…

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California Car Accident Laws

Car Accidents | July 8, 2020

Unfortunately, car accidents are not uncommon in the state of California. During the latest reporting year of data, the Office of Traffic Safety shows that there were more than 3,600 total traffic fatalities and more than 272,000 total traffic crash injuries across the state. Whether you are a visitor to the beautiful state of California…

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California Booster Seat Laws

Car Accidents,Injuries to Children | July 1, 2020

As an adult, your number one goal should be keeping any children in your car safe. Whether you are visiting scenic California on a family vacation or are a local getting your child to and from little league practice, then you need to understand how California’s child booster seat laws apply to you. California takes…

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What To Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident

Car Accidents | September 30, 2019

Causing an accident and running from the scene is becoming a more common crime in the U.S. At-fault drivers may be more inclined to run from the police than to take responsibility for their actions – especially in catastrophic or fatal accidents from the driver’s recklessness. Although harsh penalties for hit-and-run in the state aim…

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