Treatment options for brain injuries

Brain Injuries,Our Blog | June 14, 2018

There is one certain thing about treatment options for brain injuries: They’re expensive. If you’ve suffered a serious accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury (TBI), for example, you’re liable to spend tens of thousands of dollars for various medications, treatments, rehabilitation and therapies. In some cases, however, these treatment options will work to save a patient’s life and assist him or her to recover.

Here are some of the most important treatments that can help people suffering from TBI:

  • Doctors will perform a neuroimaging test via a CT or MRI to determine the extent of the brain damage
  • Doctors will try to stabilize the patient to make sure that worsened injuries don’t happen
  • Doctors will treat the patient to promote blood flow to the brain and control blood pressure
  • Physical therapy may be used to help the patient regain control of his or her motor functions
  • Occupational therapy will assist the patient to readjust to normal life in spite of continued difficulties
  • Speech and language therapy will assist the patient to communicate with others again
  • Psychological support will help the patient deal with the emotional symptoms of TBI as well as the psychological effects of dealing with a brain injury and related disabilities

California residents who have been involved in catastrophic accidents and suffered traumatic brain injuries due to no fault of their own may want to learn more about how state personal injury laws apply to their cases. In some cases, injured victims may be able to pursue financial compensation to pay for the costs of the various TBI treatments they require.