What’s the timetable for recovery from a brain injury?

Brain Injuries,Our Blog | September 13, 2018

Most people who suffer from a serious brain injury in a car accident will want to know how long it’s going to take for them to get better. The truth is that the road to recovery after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) could take some years, and even then, many victims will endure lifelong disabilities that never completely heal.

One thing that TBI victims can look forward to is swift immediate improvements. The most rapid and noticeable healing takes place within the first six months of the healing process. Progress and healing will be steady and visible during this first half-year, then the improvements will slow — but they will likely continue to make noteworthy advancements from the six-month mark to the two-year mark, even if those advancements aren’t as fast as the initial half-year.

After two years’ time, most of the advancements experienced by the healing patient will slow down markedly. Nevertheless, TBI victims will probably continue to improve over the years in subtle ways. Many of these improvements come through hard work and training by the brain injury victim, who may need to overcome setbacks related to fine motor skills, cognition, memory, emotions, psychological challenges, physical disabilities and more.

Recovery from a TBI varies from patient to patient, but access to the finest medical care and rehabilitative treatments will certainly help a TBI victim progress in the best way possible toward his or her recovery. This kind of care, however, costs a great deal of money, which is why TBI victims might want to explore the possibility of holding an at-fault party financially accountable in court for the TBI suffered by the victim.