Truck accident causes 3 deaths, 3 injuries

injuries,Our Blog | September 3, 2014

Three individuals recently passed away in a California crash involving multiple vehicles, with one being a box truck. This type of truck accident can leave the surviving family members of the deceased victims reeling in grief and questioning why their loved ones died. Even though monetary compensation can’t reverse the accident and bring a loved one back, it can enable the surviving family members to feel a sense of closure from the incident.

The recent accident happened when a company box truck did not stop at a stop sign, according to police. A long chain-reaction crash then occurred, they said. The truck first crashed into a minivan.

The minivan ended up spinning around and hitting a pickup truck. Three individuals in the minivan passed away at the accident scene, while another was transported to a hospital via helicopter. Three other individuals were also transported to a hospital after suffering injuries deemed to be minor. The motorist who did not come to a halt at the area stop sign suffered no injuries, authorities said.

Running a stop sign is typically considered an act of negligence, especially when it results in a truck accident. If the person who allegedly ran the stop sign in the recent accident is found to have been negligent, he or she may be held liable for the deaths of the accident victims. The victims’ family members reserve the right to file wrongful death claims, seeking monetary damages that may help to pay for medical expenses. The awarded damages might also help to address emotional distress caused by the fatal California crash.

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