Sacramento hopes speed reduction will improve pedestrian safety

Our Blog,Pedestrian Accidents | August 22, 2014

Many people in Sacramento, California, spend time walking. While in some cases it is for exercise, in other situations it is simply a mode of transportation. Whatever the reason someone sets out on foot, the dangers for the pedestrians are the same. As a result of the lack of protection most pedestrians have, individuals who are struck by a car while walking could be seriously hurt with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or broken bones. In the very worst cases a pedestrian could suffer such serious injuries that they die.

At least in part in an effort to improve safety for pedestrians in Sacramento, the city plans to take action. The city of Sacramento Traffic Divisions recently announced that in certain areas it will reduce speed limits. The five mile per hour reduction is the result of a traffic study conducted by the city.

Most people would likely agree that taking this type of action is worth it. Statistics certainly support the need for safety measures regarding pedestrians to be taken. In 2009 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 59,000 pedestrians were injured in pedestrian accidents throughout the United States. Another 4,092 died in these incidents. Because the injuries suffered in pedestrian accidents are often so severe, the expenses that accumulate can be outrageous. This can leave a recovering pedestrian unsure of how to cover the medical bills and associated expenses.

While the reduction in speed may reduce some of the pedestrian accidents that occur in Sacramento, it likely will not stop all. Those who are hurt or lose a loved one in this kind of accident may be able to recover compensation to cover those expenses. For the best result it is usually advisable for those individuals to work with a personal injury lawyer.

Source: KFBK, “Speed Limit Reductions in Sacramento,” Mike Murray, Aug. 13, 2014