Nursing home sued for wrongful death

Our Blog,personal injury | June 1, 2017

A nursing home known as the California Armenian Home is being sued over an alleged wrongful death by the daughter of a resident who passed away. Though the company was doing business under the aforementioned name, the lawsuit technically targets a company called California Home for the Aged Inc.

The elderly man who passed away got to the nursing home when he was already 98 years old, in January of this year. He was dealing with issues such as chronic constipation. His daughter now says that the nursing home did not give him significant medication, just offering him aspirin, and that his overall condition just kept getting worse when he was living there.

In February, he had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. There, medical professionals found that he had a colon blockage that was roughly the size of his fist. It had not been relieved and was so bad that it led to “severe bowel impaction.” He also had an infection from a rectal perforation. These issues caused his passing.

The daughter believes that the nursing home allowed this to happen by not giving him proper care. She is suing for Daughter files suit against California Armenian Home alleging malpractice, wrongful death,” Noddy A. Fernandez, May 16, 2017