Hearing Loss (Tinnitus) After a Car Accident

Car Accidents,personal injury | March 29, 2022

Individuals can sustain a wide range of injuries as a result of a vehicle accident. One of the lesser discussed injuries caused by vehicle accidents is hearing loss (tinnitus). We will to properly define tinnitus and discuss how this type of injury can occur as a result of a vehicle accident. Additionally, we want to discuss whether or not you may be able to recover compensation for this type of injury.

Hearing Loss After a Car Accident

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is when an individual experiences ringing or other noises in one or both of their ears. This noise is not caused by an external sound, and other people will not be able to hear it. However, tinnitus is not uncommon and affects around 15% to 20% of all individuals, according to the Mayo Clinic.

In the vast majority of cases, tinnitus is caused by age-related hearing loss, but this can also be caused by an ear injury or circulatory system problems. For many individuals, tinnitus improves with treatment of the underlying cause of the issue, but there are also other treatments that could reduce the noise and individual hears.

Tinnitus is not only a “ringing” in the ears. This can include other sounds such as buzzing, hissing, roaring, and humming.

How Can Tinnitus Happen in a Vehicle Accident?

Most people do not think of tinnitus as an auto accident injury. However, individuals can suffer from tinnitus if they have sustained a closed head injury, which is not uncommon in a vehicle accident.

Vehicle accidents are one of the most common reasons for individuals to experience hearing loss issues. This can occur due to a variety of reasons, including the overall loudness of the initial collision, the explosion of an airbag, or whiplash as a result of the force of the collision. Additionally, if an individual strikes their head on any object as a result of the collision (airbag, steering wheel, side frame, window, etc.), this could lead to hearing loss and tinnitus.

Tinnitus is more than just an aggravating problem. Even though some individuals are not bothered by tinnitus, this can significantly affect a person’s life. If you or somebody you care about has begun to experience any type of hearing loss problem or tinnitus after a vehicle accident, you need to seek immediate medical assistance and let the doctor know so they can begin treatment of the issue.

Along with tinnitus and hearing loss, these incidents can also lead to individuals experiencing dizziness or vertigo, as well as anxiety and depression.

Working With an Attorney

You should seek assistance from a skilled Sacramento car collision attorney as soon as possible after an accident occurs. A lawyer can get involved and examine every aspect of the case on your behalf. They will ensure that you are evaluated by a trusted medical professional who can examine every injury you sustained. Ultimately, your attorney wants to make sure that you recover full compensation for your medical bills following the accident, as well as lost wages, property damage expenses, and payment suffering losses.