Head-on car accident can lead to catastrophic injuries

Car Accidents | October 13, 2014

A head-on crash is one of the most destructive types of motor vehicle accidents in California. This type of car accident often results in traumatic injuries or even death. The results are worse in situations where both drivers are speeding at the moment of impact.

People in the Sacramento area are particularly susceptible to experiencing a head-on accident because there are several two-lane streets in the area’s rural communities. A number of these types of streets also carry motorists into the mountains. Some of the most serious injuries from head-on collisions include spinal cord and brain injuries.

Many suffer lost limbs or burn injuries in head-on crashes. Victims additionally experience broken bones. Understandably, many of those who suffer these types of injuries may face extended periods of recovery and thus might be unable to work.

When you’re injured in a head-on car accident caused by another driver, you may decide to seek complete compensation for your financial losses stemming from the accident. For instance, you might file a personal injury claim, seeking damages for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. If it is discovered that the person who is deemed to have caused your accident was negligent behind the wheel — such as speeding or distracted driving — you can present proof of this in civil court in an effort to establish the other party’s personal reponsibility. Liability regarding a car accident must be established by competent evidence before a California judge will rule in your favor and adjudicate specific claims for monetary relief.

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