Fatigued driver involved in California crash

Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | January 30, 2016

Authorities say that a bus driver admitted that he was tired just before colliding with safety barrels and rolling through a divider on U.S. 101 in San Jose on Jan. 19. The accident resulted in two deaths with an additional eight people being transported to the hospital. One car was damaged when it hit debris from the crash, but the driver was not injured. There were 20 people on board the Greyhound when the accident occurred.

Police say that the driver stopped in Gilroy prior to the crash to get some caffeine in an effort to stay alert. One passenger said that the driver was nodding off just before the crash took place. Although the driver said that he was tired before the accident occurred, authorities say that the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

The driver was asked to submit a blood sample to test for drugs or alcohol, and prosecutors were notified, which authorities said was a routine step in such a case. The National Safety Transportation Board was expected to conduct an investigation in addition to the California Highway Patrol’s inquiry. The trip started at 11:30 p.m. the night before, and Greyhound requires drivers to have nine hours of rest between trips.

Those who are injured in a bus accident may be entitled to compensation. Compensation may help to cover costs such as medical bills or physical therapy. If an individual is forced to miss work or cannot return to work, he or she may be entitled to lost wages and future lost earnings as part of a financial award. If an individual dies in a bus accident, his or her family may pursue a wrongful death claim. A Sacramento wrongful death attorney may review a case to determine the best way to resolve the matter.