Common causes of bike wrecks and injuries suffered in California

Bicycle Accidents | October 10, 2014

Many times, cyclists who are involved in accidents in California are not at fault. After all, they have to share the road with motorists, pedestrians and even other bikers. There are many ways that accidents can be caused by the inattentiveness or the careless actions of other people on the road, including the following:

– Cars driving in the bike lane.

– Cars and trucks turning left ahead of cyclists, crossing their paths without seeing them.

– Semi drivers clipping bikers who are riding in their blind spots.

– People driving without paying enough attention to the road, due to the fact that they are using cellphones or other mobile devices.

– Pedestrians crossing streets against the lights.

These are just a few of the reasons why a bike crash could occur. No matter how it happens, though, you could suffer from some serious injuries. These could range from cuts and scrapes to broken bones. Some cyclists have suffered from spinal cord injuries that have a permanent impact on their lives, sometimes leaving them paralyzed. Others have even been killed in these wrecks.

Accidents like this are almost always unexpected, and injuries are sometimes unavoidable, even with the proper equipment. Because of this, it is good for all cyclists to know what to expect and to know their rights before they get on their bikes and take them out on the road. Prompt action may be required to seek the proper compensation.

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