Claiming wrongful death for a fatal crash

Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | October 9, 2015

California residents might be interested in understanding more about why Paul Walker’s daughter has filed a lawsuit against Porsche over the late actor’s sudden death in a car accident in 2013. Walker died after the 2004 Carrera GT he was a passenger in crashed into a concrete lamppost. Investigators believe the vehicle was traveling up to 94 mph in an area with a 45 mph speed limit.

According to the lawsuit, the family ‘s investigators claim the vehicle was moving at 63 to 71 mph when the crash occurred. Authorities indicated that the accident resulted from poor driving at an excessive speed, while the lawsuit contends that the vehicle’s manufacturer failed to include standard safety components. Specifically, it claims that the Carrera GT was lacking a stabilization sensor system. The lawsuit also claims that the Porsche’s seat belt system trapped the actor inside the vehicle, breaking his pelvis and ribs, as he and the driver burned in the resulting fire.

The family’s investigators also determined that the evidence from the autopsy suggests that the fire did not actually ignite for almost 90 seconds following the initial impact. Their lawyers claim that Porsche was aware of the safety issues and failed to respond appropriately. Porsche attests to the fact that the authorities determined the accident was caused by excessive speed and reckless driving.

Surviving family members of a person who was fatally injured due to the negligence of another may want to meet with a wrongful death attorney in Sacramento to determine how to proceed. It may be advisable to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault party, seeking compensation for funeral and burial expenses and other damages such as loss of companionship that may be permitted by statute.