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Excessive speed on the road may lead to injuries, deaths

Car Accidents,Our Blog | August 28, 2014

Three individuals were injured and two were killed following a collision in California recently. This unfortunate car accident was the result of excessive speed, according to police. The accident took place on a Friday night. It occurred beneath the 5 Freeway at 8 p.m., according to authorities. It appears that cars were racing along San…

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Car accident causes 1 death, 1 injury in California

Car Accidents | August 21, 2014

When people suffer injuries in accidents, they may face a wide range of problems. Victims of car accidents might struggle to overcome their physical injuries, for instance, and they might also be forced to quit working for a time while they heal. Monetary relief, which can be awarded in appropriate circumstances, may help these individuals…

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Car accident leads to 2 injuries, 2 deaths in California

Car Accidents | August 7, 2014

Two cars recently crashed into one another in California, leaving two individuals injured and two others dead. The accident happened on a Saturday afternoon, according to police. This type of car accident can easily cause pain and suffering for the families of those who die as well as those who are injured in such a…

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Pregnant woman dies in California car accident

Car Accidents | July 31, 2014

In a recent vehicle crash, a woman who was four months pregnant ended up passing away. Police said drunken driving may have caused this car accident in California. This type of motor vehicle accident understandably leaves the victim’s family filled with heartache and even anger. The crash took place in the area of Highway 44….

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Car accident leads to 3 deaths in California

Car Accidents,Our Blog,personal injury | July 25, 2014

Three people recently passed away after a head-on crash in California. The car accident occurred early in the morning on a Sunday. Witnesses told police that they believed one driver, possibly intoxicated, was going the wrong way on the freeway. The authorities say that a collision took place shortly thereafter. Reportedly, a 28-year-old man was…

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Chrysler slow to fix recalled Jeeps

Car Accidents,Our Blog | July 7, 2014

Last summer, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked the automaker Chrysler to recall 2.7 million Jeeps over concerns that the vehicles were involved in many fires after rear-end crashes. In a rare response to a request from the nation’s auto safety agency, Chrysler refused. Instead, the automaker published a paper showing data suggesting that…

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