Bicyclists face serious accident dangers

Bicycle Accidents,Our Blog | August 23, 2016

As bicycle-friendly as some parts of the state are, significant numbers of accidents involving cyclists take place on California roadways. In 2013 alone, bike riders accounted for almost 5 percent of all traffic fatalities in the state, which was more than double the national average. In the three years prior, the number of such fatalities rose by almost 20 percent nationwide.

According to analysts, cycling accidents may result in more serious injuries when they involve riders decelerating rapidly. These types of incidents can cause a cyclist’s brain to impact the inside of their skull and result in cerebral trauma. Some victims even sustain fractured skulls, spinal cord damage or external injuries due to sliding friction.

Factors like the speeds vehicles were traveling at prior to the collision, whether or not riders wear helmets and the particular circumstances of a crash all play a role in how bike riders fare afterwards. One statistic says that on average, cyclists who strike their heads following a quick halt may experience impacts at speeds of up to 13.4 miles per hour. Although helmets play a part in mitigating some forms of bodily harm, they may not prevent traumatic brain injuries or concussions successfully. They can also fail to stop people from fracturing bones throughout their bodies during collisions with vehicles or the ground.

Getting struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle can have lasting ramifications that go beyond not being able to ride for a while. Victims may have to seek long-term physical therapy, go through multiple surgeries or adopt expensive regimens of medication. Those who usually commute to work on their bikes may find their transportation costs rise dramatically. Talking to a Sacramento bicycle accident attorney about compensation options following a wreck may ease the recovery process.