Working with an insurance company after a bicycle accident

Bicycle Accidents,Our Blog | January 22, 2015

If you are injured in a bicycle accident that was not your fault, you may think that it is pretty clear that the insurance company should pay for your expenses. You could be looking at the small cost of replacing the bike and the much larger costs of medical treatment, rehab, a hospital stay, and the like.

However, what a lot of people find is that insurance companies are not always willing to work with you in a quick, easy fashion. Instead, they may deny your claim and tell you that they do not have to pay; even if they do pay, it may be far less than you feel that you should get. In fact, depending on the situation, you may feel like the insurance provider is actively searching for any excuse to deny the claim, no matter how much weight it holds.

This can be a huge deal for you, even outside of your immediate costs and the debt that you may be racking up in the California hospital. For example, your injuries could make it impossible for you to work, and you could lose money every day. If your bike was your main mode of transportation, you may still have trouble getting to work, even after you recover. The loss of income can be an even larger financial issue than the medical bills, and, when looked at together, you can find yourself in a very difficult position.

You must know what legal options you have in a situation like this. To start learning about them today, we encourage you to take a few minutes to check out our website.