Who are the potential defendants in a semi-truck accident case?

Our Blog,truck accidents | September 19, 2018

Plaintiffs who are pursuing personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits should try to name as many defendants as possible since this will help maximize the chances of recovering just compensation. In a commercial trucking accident caused by a negligent truck driver, the potential defendants will include more than just the truck driver. These potentially liable parties could include:

Transportation companies

Through the legal concept of respondeat superior, which means “let the master respond” in Latin, the employer of the truck driver will be legally responsible for damages caused by its employee during the course and scope of the employee’s job duties.

Contracting companies

Sometimes, a truck driver will be an independent agent working as a contractor. In this case, the contracting company might be liable for the trucker’s actions.

Insurance companies

An insurance company could be responsible to pay for damages in some cases if the insurer offered liability coverage.

Government entities

Cities and municipalities that are negligent in the maintenance and design of roadways could be liable in the event that this negligence results in a serious accident.

Truck manufacturers

If a truck manufacturer neglects to design and build safe trucks, the truck-maker could be financially liable for the damages and injuries that result from this negligence.

Were you or a loved one hurt in a truck accident? You might want to investigate which parties could be liable to pay for the damages associated with the accident. If successfully navigated, a claim to hold these parties financially responsible could bring you money to pay for medical care, property damage, pain and suffering and more. Speak to a truck crash lawyer to learn more about your legal options.