When a dog attacks a small child

Dog Bites & Injuries,Our Blog | March 5, 2015

For parents with small children, there are few things that can stoke terror in their hearts as much as their child suffering serious injuries. One circumstance under which small children are sometimes seriously injured are dog attacks.

When a dog attacks a small child, the child’s face and neck may end up taking the brunt of the attack, as small children and dogs are often at about eye level with each other. Thus, among the injuries young children can end up suffering in dog attacks are significant neck and face injuries.

On the physical side of things, injuries a small child suffers in a dog mauling can cause a child to experience a variety of negative effects, including disfigurement, infections and scarring. Being hurt by a dog can also be a remarkably emotionally traumatic experience for a child.

Generally, one of the things a parent cares about most when their child has been hurt by someone else’s dog is making sure their child gets the medical care they need to have a strong recovery. Now, the costs of such care can sometimes be quite high. Thus, securing any monetary compensation the law entitles their child to can be very important for parents with a child who was attacked by someone’s else dog.

Now, here in California, proof of negligence is not necessary to obtain compensation for injuries caused by someone else’s dog, as California law places strict liability on the owners of dogs that harm others. This, however, does not automatically mean that getting appropriate compensation for their child for injuries their child suffered in a dog attack will be easy for a parent. The insurers of dog owners sometimes put up quite a fight against paying appropriate compensation for dog attacks.

Our Sacramento dog bite lawyers understand the different sorts of challenges that can arise when it comes to dog attack claims and can help parents of small children who have been attacked by dogs fight to get their child the compensation they need and deserve.