What to Do After a Sacramento Car Accident

Car accidents in Sacramento are not uncommon due to the population density and the overall number of cars and trucks on the roadways. Drivers who are involved in an accident must take steps to alert the authorities and file a claim appropriately, whether they are the party at fault or the innocent victim. A Sacramento car accident lawyer from Rosenthal Law can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

File a Police Report

You have 24 hours from the time of the accident to call the California Highway Police or your local police department to file a police report. If you are in the hospital and unable to do so, you can appoint a representative to help you.

The location you visit is dependent on where the accident occurred. Typically, for non-emergency and not-in-progress incidents, you should find the police department within the jurisdiction where the accident took place. You can use the parcel tool on the City of Sacramento’s website to locate the specific police department in that area.

You can also call the police department if you need help reporting the accident. Call 916-808-5471 for immediate help, or you can call the evidence and property division at 916-808-5237.

The city of Sacramento also requires that you report a car accident in additional situations, including when:

  • One or more of the parties is under the age of 18
  • There is suspected alcohol or drug use by anyone involved
  • One or more of the drivers or victims have fled the scene of the incident or did not provide contact information (or check on the welfare) of others before driving off
  • There is damage to another person’s property
  • There is damage to any city-owned property, such as lights, traffic signals, or vehicles

Avoid Posting on Social Media

Take a break from social media after being involved in a Sacramento car accident. Social media posts can be used by the opposing counsel if you file a claim, especially if the posts show you taking part in physical activities that contradict your injury claims. You should also avoid publicly discussing the accident.

Follow All of the Doctor’s Orders

Medical care is vital to your personal injury claim, which is why you should follow all of the doctor’s orders. Do not miss any follow-up appointments or physical therapy sessions, and do not stop taking medications unless ordered by the doctor. Ignoring the medical advice of your doctor can wind up hurting your claim as opposing counsel could argue that you are not seriously injured.

Consult With an Attorney

After suffering an injury in a car accident, it is vital that you consult with a personal injury attorney. You could be eligible for compensation when your injuries were caused by someone else. Every car accident case is different, which is why an attorney can be so helpful.

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