Sacramento Speeding Accidents

It is easy to become frustrated with the long list of things on your to-do list, and traffic slowdowns only make it worse. That is why so many Sacramento speeding accidents take place today. Yet, any time a person is behind the wheel of the car and exceeds the posted speed limit, they are breaking the law and putting others at risk as a result.

At Rosenthal Law, our Sacramento car accident attorney works with victims who have suffered serious injuries and losses due to the negligence and reckless behavior of other drivers. Let us work to protect your rights to compensation after such an accident.

What Speeding Causes in Losses

When speeding occurs in Sacramento, whether along the highway or one of the side streets, it puts others at risk. According to data available through the state’s CHP Traffic Incident Page, traffic accidents, backups, and police investigations are nearly always taking place throughout the city, many of which are avoidable. What happens when a person speeds:

  • Other drivers have to stay out of the way, which can cause them to swerve and collide with others, including people, cars, and objects.
  • The speeding driver strikes someone and kills them or causes serious injury.
  • The speeding driver collides with another vehicle because they cannot stop fast enough in changing road conditions.
  • A person suffers injuries due to the speeding driver’s reckless behavior and trying to avoid them.

A speeding driver puts others at risk. If you are the victim in a case like this, you have rights. Our attorneys work with those who have been involved in Sacramento speeding accidents. We provide comprehensive legal guidance and support to maximize the outcome of your case.

Let Us Prove Reckless Driving Took Place

With the help of our Sacramento car accident attorneys, we can determine what occurred to the best level possible through several steps:

  • We use the police report as a starting point. This gives us an idea of what occurred and where.
  • Our team will talk to witnesses who were involved, as well as those who saw what occurred.
  • We gather information, including medical records and navigational device reports, if available, to substantiate claims.
  • Our team will use accident recreation software and experts to prove the rate of speed at which the other driver was traveling.
  • You can count on us exhausting all avenues for photos and videos of what occurred at the time of the accident.

You have a lot on the line when you are facing injuries caused by a speeding driver in Sacramento. On these busy streets and with the rate of speed, you may even be fighting for your life. Let us help you.

Contact Our Accident Attorney for Legal Guidance

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