Sacramento Amazon Delivery Accidents

Amazon is a service that many people rely on to have packages delivered right to their door, and while it is necessary and beneficial to many, there are risks. Sacramento Amazon delivery accidents can occur due to many factors, and when they do, many times, people suffer serious injuries and losses.

As a highly experienced and effective Sacramento car accident attorney, Rosenthal Law has worked to represent victims hurt by Amazon’s drivers who are reckless or negligent. We fight for you to receive the maximum compensation possible under the law.

Consider the Risks of Amazon Delivery Accidents in Sacramento

Some reports indicate that Amazon delivers 1.6 million packages each day. That is about 1,000 packages per minute. When you consider this, it is clear that the risk of some accidents is very high. Some of the most common reasons Sacramento Amazon delivery accidents occur include the following:

  • Speeding drivers
  • Inexperienced drivers operating larger trucks
  • Overloaded or improperly balanced trucks with packages
  • Narrow roadways and ineffectively sharing the road with other drivers
  • Failing to signal to other drivers
  • Fatigue

When an Amazon truck, which is generally much larger in size overall than a passenger vehicle, strikes another person, the injuries can be numerous. Some people may face life-threatening consequences, especially if they are struck directly by the truck while they are walking. Even Amazon driver injuries that occur in personally driven vehicles can be damaging and have long-term implications.

Why You Need an Attorney for Amazon Delivery Accidents in Sacramento

Amazon drivers may work directly for Amazon or a third-party delivery service. Some are independent contractors who deliver packages as a type of side job. If you are hurt by an Amazon driver, then knowing how to obtain compensation for your losses can be hard.

With the help of our skilled car accident attorney, we can help you in several ways:

  • Determine all parties at fault, including the driver, potentially Amazon itself, and other parties
  • Estimate all of your losses from the incident so you can file a comprehensive claim
  • Navigate the insurance claims process with some of the most intense insurance adjusters in the country
  • Support you if you need to provide medical information or other documentation of your losses
  • Guide you in fighting for full and fair compensation if you need to go to court to get the money you deserve

Amazon wants to be a safe company and they certainly have programs in place to help support safety. Yet, when accidents occur, and their drivers are responsible, you have the right to compensation for the losses you suffer. You should not feel as though you cannot seek financial guidance.

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