What symptoms do traumatic brain injuries cause?

Brain Injuries,Our Blog | December 19, 2017

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) changes lives immediately. It doesn’t just affect the person who got hurt. It also affects the injured person’s family members, coworkers, friends and associates.

Because TBIs are acquired brain injuries, they happen suddenly, allowing no time to adjust to the changes. TBIs have the potential to be severe or minor. Each person is different, so even if you suffer a serious injury, you may recover faster than someone else with a similar acute brain injury.

People diagnosed with TBIs may suffer from a number of symptoms, including the following:

  • Changes in how they sleep
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Behavioral changes
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Symptoms vary, and these are just a few of the many symptoms from which someone with a TBI could suffer.

There are several major causes of TBIs in the United States. Falls are the most common cause, resulting in around 28 percent of all TBIs. Motor vehicle accidents are the second-most common cause, resulting in 20 percent of all TBIs. Blows to the head that are unrelated to motor vehicle accidents or falls are the next most common cause of TBIs.

Interestingly, men are more likely to suffer from TBIs than women. Studies have shown a 1.5 times higher chance for TBIs among men when compared to women. TBIs are also more common among the elderly, those who serve in the military and African-Americans.

Regardless, traumatic brain injuries have the potential to impact anyone. It’s important that you know your rights in the event that someone causes you to suffer an injury. Speak with a Sacramento brain injury attorney – you may be able to pursue a claim. Your life has been forever changed, and you deserve the support you need while you recover.

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