What medical damages can I claim in my car accident case?

Our Blog,personal injury | June 2, 2017

The most important damages that most plaintiffs seek in a car accident injury claim relate to medical costs. As all Roseville residents know, the costs of medical care are completely unaffordable for the average person. Without insurance money or other kinds of financial assistance, most people would never be able to see a doctor.

In some situations, the only way an injured car accident victim can get the money that he or she needs to pay for medical care is via a successfully navigated personal injury claim. Here are some of the compensable financial damages that plaintiffs can seek in such a lawsuit include costs and damages relating to:

— Ambulance fees: In an emergency, no one is going to refuse a ride to the hospital in an ambulance. Nevertheless, the financial cost is high.

— Medical accessories: Will you require a boot, a wheelchair, crutches, heat pads or some other kind of medical accessory?

— Physical therapy: Physical therapy after a car accident injury can last many months.

— Cognitive therapy: If you suffered a brain injury, the financial costs of cognitive therapy can add up fast.

— Disfigurement: The costs associated with disfigurement are difficult to quantify because pain and suffering is involved. Some may also suffer real financial setbacks due to disfigurement if their appearance was vital for their employment.

— Permanent disability: Disabilities can prevent you from working and prevent you from enjoying your life in the same way you did previously. Damages associated with disability may be pursued in court.

— In-home assistance: If assistance is required in your home, be it medical or nonmedical in nature, you can seek compensation for these costs.

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