What is road rash, and does it require medical care?

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | June 18, 2018

Motorcyclists who ride on freeways or even on rural roads with higher speed limits know the risk of falling off. If they hit the ground without any protection on their arms or legs, the friction could cause burns known as road rash. These friction burns are so severe that they tear the skin from the body, exposing muscle, fat, bone and other tissues.

While some cases of road rash are minor enough to treat at home, the majority require medical care. With such a large area of exposure, there is a risk of infection that has to be addressed. Motorcyclists may require surgery to thoroughly clean out the wound.

What do you do if you can’t get to the hospital right away?

If you’re unable to get emergency care or can walk away from the scene and wait for a medical appointment, you’ll have to clean the injury yourself. For most people, first aid solutions for road rash include soap and water. You may wish to use a painkiller taken orally or use Brulidine or lidocaine. These can help numb the wound and clean it.

Although there is some self-care you can do at home, it’s usually a better choice to head to the hospital. If you were struck by another person, you should wait at the scene. If you decide or need to leave, at least make sure to get the other person’s insurance information so you can make a claim to get compensation for the medical care you’ll need for your injuries. Road rash may not seem serious at first, but it may require a long recovery time.

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