What can you do to prevent and treat firework injuries?

Our Blog,personal injury | July 5, 2017

Burns are a risk to victims because they have the potential to cause permanent or long-lasting injuries.

If you plan to shoot off fireworks, always set off fireworks away from houses and structures; failing to consider their proximity and the potential for wind can result in brush fires, house fires and other burning hazards. Always position your fireworks so they shoot downwind of anyone watching them. That way, they travel further away rather than heading toward the crowd. This goes for all kinds of fireworks, whether your child is holding a sparkler or you’re shooting off a one-of-a-kind design. Always put your back to the wind, so anything you hold has its flames and smoke blow away from you. Finally, light fireworks only one at a time. If one fails to explode, don’t relight it. Collect the defective item and dispose of it properly, so it doesn’t accidentally go off and hurt someone.

If someone is hurt, remember that you can use cling-wrap to protect the wound while you go to the emergency room. Second-skin can help protect minor burns. Use blunt-tipped scissors if you have to cut clothing off a victim, so you reduce the risk of further injury.

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