What can you do to avoid a springtime motorcycle crash?

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | April 17, 2018

With warmer weather and clear skies, it’s much more common to see motorcyclists on the roads. Springtime does bring out some unique hazards, though, which could end up causing you trouble while you ride. What can you do to stay safer? Here are a few tips.

Be a defensive driver

Don’t hope that others avoid hitting you. You need to make sure you’re monitoring your surroundings and taking steps to avoid collisions yourself. Slow down before entering intersections, and use your horn or wave at motorists who may not see you.

Signal every time

Vehicles need time to stop before you turn, so you don’t end up in a rear-end collision. Use your signals every time. Use them for longer than usual if you’re not sure the driver behind you is paying attention or will slow down enough. You can slow your speed over time to reduce the risk of a hard impact in the case that the other driver does not slow down fast enough for you to turn off the road safely.

Stay out of blind spots

The sides of vehicles are particularly hazardous to motorcyclists, because these are the hardest areas for drivers to see. Drive behind or in front of vehicles, never to the side. Remember, if you can see a driver’s mirrors from behind, the driver is more likely to be able to see you.

There’s always a chance that you’ll be involved in an accident regardless of how safely you travel. If that happens, know your rights and make sure you take steps to hold the other party responsible.

Source: Peruzzi Collision Center, “3 Spring Tips for Avoiding Motorcycle Collisions,” accessed April 16, 2018