What are the top 3 causes of car crashes?

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | July 5, 2018

Car accident causes vary depending on what part of the country you’re in, the time of year and local trends. However, there are some kinds of car crashes that personal injury lawyers in California tend to see over and over again. Perhaps the saddest thing about the majority of these crashes — especially when they result in injury or death — is the fact that most of them could have been avoided if the at-fault party had acted more responsibly.

Here are three of the most common varieties of vehicle collisions that personal injury lawyers see:

Distracted driving: Arguably, distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents throughout the United States. The problem is that it’s difficult to know for sure that a driver was distracted. Therefore, this cause of collisions frequently goes unreported. Now, with the rise of smartphone use, injurious and fatal distracted driving collisions are more prevalent than ever.

Intoxicated driving: The more intoxicated someone is, the more he or she loses all inhibitions. When the loss of inhibition results in doing something reckless and dangerous like driving under the influence, death and catastrophic injuries may follow.

Reckless driving and speeding: Roseville streets all have posted speed limits, but drivers often disregard them. Speed limits help drivers maintain better control of their cars to avoid accidents. Further, if an accident occurs, the damages and injuries can be much less severe when drivers follow the speed limits. Speeding, however, is just one of many forms of reckless driving that contributes to fatal crashes. Tailgating, aggressive lane changes and other reckless behaviors are also a problem.

Encourage your family members and friends to always practice safe and defensive driving habits. If you get hurt in a crash caused by someone else’s driving-related negligence, learn as much as you can about your legal right to seek financial justice in court.