Tips for increasing visibility on a bicycle

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | February 9, 2018

When you’re riding your bicycle through the streets of Roseville, you should always don a bicycle helmet and follow the rules of the road. However, there’s only so much these safety precautions can do to prevent injury. You’ll also want to increase your visibility. The more you can do to be seen by vehicles, the better your chances are of avoiding a bicycle versus car accident.

Here are a few products that will increase your visibility on a bike:

  • Use clothing that helps you get seen: Certain garments utilize high visibility reflective materials. Make sure your shirts and pants are brightly colored, and consider purchasing some bike clothing that has reflective materials embedded inside them.
  • Get a bike vest: They might not look so cool, but they have pockets for storing your snacks, they are bright and highly visible, and they utilize reflective materials. Plus, you only need to buy one, which you keep with your bike and put on whenever you go for a ride.
  • Get daytime and nighttime lights: It’s vital to put a light on your bike at night, as reflective materials alone will not ensure your visibility. Your daytime lights will be extra bright, and made for daytime running. Your nighttime lights should be red in the back and white in the front. Don’t skimp on cost when it comes to your bike lights: the brighter the better.
  • Reflective sidewalls: Put reflective tape on the sidewalls of your tires or buy the tires that already have reflective material on their sidewalls. These items will increase your visibility exponentially.

If — despite your best efforts — you are still injured in a bike versus car crash, you should investigate exactly what happened and who was at fault. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the motor vehicle driver might be financially liable for damages.