Tips for drivers who are on the road with motorcyclists

Our Blog,personal injury | April 4, 2017

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely devastating. They often involve another vehicle and the outcome is usually not good for the motorcycle rider. Although most accidents involving motorcyclists don’t happen due to intentional actions, every driver still has a responsibility to keep an eye out for motorcycles when they are on the road.

It’s important to remember that motorcycles can be hard to spot. They are small and may be camouflaged by other vehicles or objects in the road. Take a few extra seconds to look around you before you merge into a lane or make a turn.

Also remember that because of their size, motorcycles on the road may actually be closer to you than it appears. It is also very hard to gauge their speed, so consider that when making any turns.

Although motorcycles are known for their maneuverability, drivers still need adequate time to stop, especially if the weather conditions are not good. On that same note, don’t always rely on a motorcycle’s brake lights to know if it’s slowing down. Some riders just take their foot off the gas instead of breaking. Keep an adequate distance from the motorcycle in front of you.

Finally, remember that motorcyclists may have to quickly adjust their position on the road. You may think they are just showing off, but in many cases, they are actually avoiding road debris or trying to minimize the effects of the wind.

In our next post, we will talk about tips that are specific for motorcycle riders.