These causes of truck accidents might surprise you

Our Blog,truck accidents | March 6, 2018

Truck accidents happen for many reasons. While most people know the common causes, like being in the driver’s blind spot or a driver getting distracted behind the wheel, there are other things that could lead to serious collisions as well.

For example, even when you come to a stop at an intersection, you could be a victim of a truck accident. There are usually white lines that cross the road in front of you. Stay behind those lines; they’re there to give trucks turning left enough space to do so without hitting anyone. If you are ahead of the white line, a truck driver may not have enough space to make a turn.

Another thing that leads to truck crashes is abandoning a vehicle in lane or not being able to get a vehicle completely off the road. In a perfect world, all drivers would pay attention and see that someone had a disabled vehicle in the roadway. Most people will move over to adjacent lanes to avoid a collision and give you more space. A truck driver may not have enough time to move over if he or she was distracted, though, which then leads to a crash.

Truck drivers need to have appropriate training to avoid crashes like these listed above. They need to understand how to control their vehicles in worst-case scenarios and be familiar with defensive driving techniques. All drivers need enough sleep and to follow realistic schedules. If you’re hurt as a result of a driver’s inattention or negligence, you’re not alone. A good personal injury claim can help you get the compensation you need while you recover.

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