These 3 injuries are more common for motorcyclists

Motorcycle Accidents,Our Blog | July 10, 2018

Motorcycle accidents can impact a person significantly in just an instant. From the fact that they have little to no protection against impact, it’s easy to see why motorcycle crashes are so dangerous.

People who go through motorcycle accidents are exposed to a few specific kinds of injuries that are less common in passenger-vehicle collisions. These injuries can be life-altering and even life-threatening. Here are a few that could happen.

1. Road rash

Road rash occurs when the friction of the road tears against the skin. Minor road rash is manageable at home, but significant cases can expose bone, tissues and muscle. These are open to infection and could require skin grafts.

2. Traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen in any kind of crash, but with motorcycle collisions, they’re even more common. To avoid a TBI, individuals need to wear helmets and attempt to slow as much as possible before a crash. Taking a lesson on how to fall or crash can also help individuals learn to avoid hitting their heads in certain types of collisions.

3. Leg wounds

Leg injuries are particularly common for people in motorcycle crashes. The impact of a collision can lead to people being thrown from their motorcycles. When that happens, they could attempt to land on their feet, which easily breaks bones. Depending on the break, this can also lead to the laceration of vital veins and arteries along with significant bleeding.

These are three common injuries people suffer from when they’re involved in motorcycle crashes. If you’re hurt, remember that you can seek medical help and then pursue a claim with the help of a Sacramento motorcycle crash attorney later.