The Textalyzer may help you win your car accident case

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | March 19, 2018

If you or someone you know was in a serious car accident, figuring out who was at fault can be tricky business. Texting while driving is very hard to prove, even though everyone knows it probably was the cause of the accident.

Currently, police have to try and match timestamps from a driver’s cellphone messages with the estimated time of the collision. Or, they have to compare the timestamps to how long someone has been driving to determine if he or she was texting and driving. This is an often-ineffective way of catching texting drivers. A new device can change all that.

Introducing The Textalyzer

The Textalyzer, as it’s presently known, is a device that was developed by Cellebrite, and it connects directly to cellphones. In seconds, the Textalyzer can pull detailed information from the phone and show when that person:

  • Called someone
  • Opened an app
  • Typed a text message

The report is very precise. This makes it much easier for the police to see if distracted driving was the cause of an accident.

While some people have privacy concerns about textalyzer, it doesn’t actually record content or text messages. Instead, it records taps and swipes. Once the device is approved for use, it can become a valuable tool for law enforcement.

How does this help accident victims?

Texting — or doing other things on a mobile device — takes drivers’ eyes, minds and focus off the road. These drivers are much more likely to cause crashes with motorcyclists, pedestrians and other car and truck drivers. The textalyzer can provide you with the evidence you need to prove another driver was negligent.

Instead of having to wonder if a distraction played a role in your crash, the police can check directly. If the other driver sent or received a text in the seconds or minutes before hitting you, it is likely that a distraction played a role in the injuries you have today.