The most common excuses for road rage

Our Blog,personal injury | August 14, 2017

The summer driving season may be over in a few weeks, but recent events that have garnered national headlines suggest that road rage is just as prominent and dangerous as it ever has been. Indeed, there are occasional frustrations that come with driving in such a densely populated metro area, but the threat of road rage is becoming an unfortunate reality that drivers will have to deal with.

However, it is amazing how many excuses that drivers give for engaging in inappropriate behavior behind the wheel. This post will highlight a few of the top 10 excuses.

The other driver cut me off – Drivers tend to take ownership in the space around their vehicles. So when someone infringes upon that space, the driver feels disrespected. That breeds resentment that can manifest in violence.

He (or she) was driving too slow – The same reasoning applies over the flow of traffic. Drivers can become angry over a slow driver ahead of them.

The other driver kept tailgating me – In the same vein, a person’s ire can be raised when a driver follows too closely.

The other driver was playing their music too loud – Hearing a concert emanating from the car next to you can be very annoying.

Regardless of the annoyances that may lead to road rage, drivers must use reasonable care while behind the wheel and can be held liable if they act out of anger. If you have been victimized as a result of road rage, an experienced Roseville personal injury attorney can help.