The most common auto accident injuries

Our Blog,personal injury | March 3, 2017

While many auto retailers are wrapping up President’s Day sales specials, they understand that March is still a prime season for people to receive federal income tax refunds. Most people receiving refunds are ready to put a down payment towards a new car.

Indeed, today’s cars are built to protect their occupants better compared to prior models. However, people are still injured despite increasing safety measures. This post will highlight some of the common injuries and ailments that occur in car accidents.

Head and neck injuries – Injuries to a person’s head and neck are very common in car crashes; especially those involving rear end collisions. For head injuries to a person’s head, this is likely caused by the action of a crash as it sends their head into the dashboard (or into a window). Neck injuries occur when the head is quickly sent back into the head rest after being forced forward. Because of this, a person could suffer whiplash injuries or herniated discs in the neck.

Chest injuries – Upper body injuries are also common in car accidents. They include, collarbone injuries, which can be caused (ironically) by the seatbelt. A person may also suffer broken ribs or a collapsed lung, also due to how a seatbelt may harm a driver through the force of a crash. However, if you were to choose between having a broken collarbone or a broken rib or being thrown from a car (and potentially dying upon impact), most people would choose a broken bone as opposed to being killed.