Test your personal injury law knowledge (Quiz)

Car Accidents,Our Blog | March 10, 2015

Personal injury refers to legal disputes that occur when one person suffers a harm from an accident or injury that someone else may be responsible for. In many personal injury cases, it is the person who was injured taking on the responsible party’s insurance company for a fair settlement.

Many of us end up having to know something about personal injury law at some point in our lives. In most cases, it applies after being involved in a car accident or experiencing a work-related injury. But it can apply in a variety of other situations as well, including after being harmed by a medical provider, after a loved one is mistreated in a nursing home or after a simple slip-and-fall.

No matter what type of situation life may present you, it’s important to know some of the basic facts about personal injury law so that you can best protect the rights of yourself and the ones you love.

So how much do you know about personal injury law? Take this short quiz and then check your answers in our next post.


1. Does a personal injury claim always have to involve negligence?

2. Does a personal injury claim always involve a lawsuit?

3. Does the accident victim have to be represented by a personal injury lawyer?

4. Is there a way to put a dollar amount on someone’s injuries?

Our post tomorrow will reveal the answers to these questions. But if you want to know the answers now, they call all be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.