Teen injured in police chase in Sacramento

Our Blog,personal injury | August 28, 2018

A horrible situation involving a Sacramento police officer has caught media attention after a teen was hurt. The teen was fleeing from officers when he was struck.

The incident started when the teen was riding a bike without using a light. It was night, so the officer stopped the 16-year-old male. It is against the law to ride a bicycle without a light on the sidewalk. The officer then reportedly asked if the teen had any warrants, and the teen fled on foot.

The teen was chased by police and, soon after, struck by an officer who was assisting in a marked police vehicle. The lights and sirens were on when the officer reportedly attempted to turn at an unsafe speed to cut the teen off. Instead, the vehicle struck the teen and sent the boy onto the hood of the vehicle and then to the ground.

The teen was treated for injuries at a local hospital and released the same night. He was cited for resisting arrest. When he spoke to the media, he said that he ran from police because he was scared.

The officers involved are under investigation, as is the situation that led to the teen’s injuries. The police issued a statement that the training they receive is meant to reduce the likelihood of incidents like this and that they intend to ensure that a similar incident does not happen again.

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