SUV accidents have many causes, including these three common acts

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | September 13, 2017

Car accidents happen for many different reasons, but the sad truth is that most are preventable. With just a few minutes of reviewing the rules of the road and traveling a bit slower when behind the wheel, people could help prevent serious injuries and unnecessary deaths.

Accidents involving SUVs often result in rollovers, partially because these vehicles are tall and top heavy. Rollover accidents are complex kinds of crashes with the potential to be incredibly dangerous or deadly. Rollover crashes happen for many reasons, some of which are listed below.


Speed is one of the main causes for vehicles rolling over. Around 40 percent of fatal rollover crashes were caused by a driver who was speeding excessively. Many rollover accidents take place in areas where the posted speed limits are above 55 mph.


Familiarity is a dangerous feeling when it comes to driving. If someone is familiar with an area, he or she may feel confident taking turns quickly or speeding through the neighborhood. That confidence can lead to mistakes, and those mistakes could lead to a vehicle rolling over.


Alcohol is the cause behind many kinds of crashes, not just rollovers. Around half of all fatal rollover crashes do involve alcohol, although the statistics did not always indicate that the driver was over the limit at the time. Any amount of alcohol has the potential to cause impairment, so data points out all instances where people drive with alcohol in their systems.

Regardless of the cause of your accident, it’s fair to want to be compensated. If you’re injured as a result of negligence, you can file a claim.

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