Stop at red lights or face the consequences

Motor Vehicle Accidents,Our Blog | August 2, 2018

Have you noticed that more drivers than ever are not respecting common traffic laws these days? Perhaps people don’t mean to break the law. They’re just too distracted by their cellphones to pay attention to the traffic around them. Or, they’re in such a hurry to get where they’re going that they push the speed limits, tailgate other drivers and run through red lights without slowing down.

Speaking of red light running, this is one of the most dangerous practices that any driver can engage in. Green means go, and yellow means slow down and stop because the light is going to be red in a fraction of a second. Yellow does not mean that you should speed up and try to squeak through the intersection in the nick of time. Driving through a red light, no matter how long it has been red, is a recipe for catastrophic and fatal accidents. Not only that, but it’s illegal.

If you make it through the red light, there’s no harm done, right? Even if a police officer stops you, the cost of the ticket won’t break the bank, right? This is the wrong perspective.

If you cause a fatal accident by recklessly driving through a red light, police will hold your criminally responsible. If the collision resulted in a death or serious injury, you could also be spending a significant amount of time behind bars.

In addition to criminal penalties, red light runners will also be financially responsible for the damages and injuries they cause. If you have been seriously hurt in a collision caused by a red light runner, you might want to take some time to explore our website. Victims of these kinds of accidents may be able to pursue financial compensation in civil court.