Staying safe on the water: Boating safety

Our Blog,personal injury | June 25, 2018

An important part of your trip on the water should be getting to know your vessel. Before you drive any boat, you need to know that you can handle it.

To make boating safer for yourself and your family, it’s a good idea to take a boating education course. Why?

Statistics from the last five years show that three-fourths of Californian boaters who were in fatal boating accidents had not taken a boating safety course. Those individuals were also not wearing life jackets that could have saved their lives.

This is just as important for other boaters as it is for you and your family. If everyone takes the time to get to know their boats, learn about safety and wear their life jackets, there is a lower risk of crashes, injuries and fatalities.

The primary thing you can do to protect yourself in the event of a crash is to wear a life jacket. You can purchase life jackets designed specifically for the activity you plan to do so it won’t restrict you.

When shopping for life jackets, make sure that you get one that is U.S. Coast Guard approved, rated for your weight and size, fits snugly and will not slip off of you when you place your arms over your head. A properly fitting life jacket makes a difference and can keep you above water even if you’re unconscious.

By practicing good boating safety, people can stay safer on the water. By preventing crashes, fewer people will have to face the legal challenges associated with a personal injury claim.