Some accidents are result of negligent road design

Car Accidents,Our Blog | November 11, 2014

Car accidents occur for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes they happen because of a distracted driver or an impaired driver. Other times they happen because of the weather conditions or an animal running out into the road.

In most car accident cases, there is at least one driver who is responsible for the crash, but that’s not always the case. Some accidents are actually the result of negligent road design.

State and local municipalities have a duty to make sure that all roads are safe for the public, but poorly-designed roads continue to be a problem in California and the rest of the United States that leaves lives in shambles. In fact, bad road design contributes to thousands of accidents in California each year.

A few examples of bad road design that can lead to serious or fatal car accidents include defective traffic controls, faded traffic lines, bad lighting, inadequate draining or guardrails, and poor signage. These are all flaws that can turn an ordinary road into an extremely dangerous one.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to hold state and local municipalities responsible for poorly-designed roads. Even if people around the community agree that the road was dangerous and put the public at risk, proving liability in a personal injury lawsuit requires that negligence took place.

An experienced personal injury lawyer is needed to hold the parties responsible for poorly-designed roads responsible, whether that is the state, a municipality or a construction company.

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